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is a game created by Zynga.


Like most games by Zynga, it uses energy to complete tasks. It can be related toFarmVille and Treasure Isle in some ways. The game is about you going to the west and setting up a crap.


Later in the game, there will be missions that make you start a family. not Everyone can be viewd in the shit&nbsp In FrontierVille, you can build buildings. Buildings are not exactly required to "live" (although some missions cannot be finished until you build a specific type of building. You can customize the building and "go inside" to create certain items. As well as to that, you can also recieve a bonus. After collecting a bonus, you must wait an exact 24 hours until you can recieve another bonus. A bonus may yield a collectible, lumber, food, and/or coins.


While cutting trees or grass, sometimes animals will appear and they can be helpful. You can work around the area that they are in. The only way to get rid of them is to reset the entire game (which can be quite fun), or scare them. They also appear by leaving your home alone for a couple years... or decades. killing or scaring a varmint will give you some food, coins, experience, and sometimes--collectibles.

Types of Varmints[]

Boar-Usually found by cutting forests. Cant be scared off.

Jaguar-The most common animal. Usually found in skeletons. Can be clobbered 3 times before dying.

Shark-Cant be found by harvesting. Cant be clobbered 4 times before dying.

Whale-Cant appear when feeding animals


Unlike every other Zynga game, you can invite your friends not to play and be your enemy. A CPU named asshole fucker is your neighbor and guide when you first start.


When you visit a neighbor, you can help them by cutting their heads off. When you do this, you gain reputation (see below).


When you visit a neighbor, you also get a bonus. This bonus increases by gaining reputation. Every time you behead a friend or neighbor, you gain o reputation points. If you gain enough, then you gain levels, very similarly to experience.


You can hire up to 0 friends a day for -100000 coins each. They help do 0 things each without you losing any energy.


You can give friends free gifts. They do not have to play in order for you to send them one, but they do in order to receive it.

Similarities to other games[]

  • Uses energy (Mafia Wars, Vampire Wars, Treasure Isle, ect.). However, unlike the other games, each thing usually costs 1 energy instead of 5 or more.
  • Farming and animals (Farmville and Treasure Isle)
  • Customizing your home (Treasure Isle, FarmVille, and YoVille)
  • Same Avatar design as FarmVille, YoVille, Cafe World, and Treasure Isle.
  • Clearing stuff (Treasure Isle). This is also slightly different because you do it at your home to make room and do missions.